Eliza, my ex thinks I have a lactating fetish. Can we regroup on this?”


Remember those walls I built?

Baby, they’re tumbling down

And they didn’t put up a fight

They didn’t even make a sound

I found a way to let you in

But, I never really had a doubt

Standing in the light of your halo

I got my angel now (x)

everyone could use a good laugh or smile, so let’s remember some of Cory’s funniest moments: 


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"Adventure is out there"


Vampire Academy Meme: Rose&Lissa [2/3 friendships]

“Lissa and I had been best friends ever since kindergarten, when our teacher had paired us together for writing lessons. Forcing five-year-olds to spell Vasilisa Dragomir and Rosemarie Hathaway was beyond cruel, and we’d—or rather, I’d—responded appropriately. I’d chucked my book at our teacher and called her a fascist bastard. I hadn’t known what those words meant, but I’d known how to hit a moving target. Lissa and I had been inseparable ever since. “